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Preseli Bluestone Tribe member

Regular price €427.00

A Preseli Bluestone Tribe member.

It has an 60 cm tall thin white ponytail from genuine horsehair.

It measures:

4.6 cm wide x 7.2 cm deep x 13.8 cm tall without pedestal.

It weights 428 gram

Sold without a pedestal, although it can be obtained for free on request.




Preseli Bluestone Tribe …..

So what’s it about these tribesmen?
No Skulls, but fleshy faces, elongated heads with ponytails (real horsehair) apparently sprouting from the crown chakra…. no chin. Balancing on a pedestal ….. what do they mean? What does the artist - Ivo Manus want to express? ……
Ivo: “I just don’t know….” 
…. The only thing I can tell is how they came into my life. Therefor I need to go back over 50 years ago. I must have been around 4 years old, when my parents took me to the cinema …. They played the movie Dr. Dolittle with Rex Harisson…. Of all the great and funny animals I saw, there was just one impression that lasted all my life. It was the chief of the tribe on the island where Dr.Dolittle went when he was looking for the great pink sea snail. He was called ‘William Shakespeare X’ , wearing a tall feather on top of his bold head. Just could not understand how he got a whole in his head, it was just one big mystery to me! What was its purpose? Why did he wear feathers? Did it hurt?!?
My whole life this image came back to me and it inspired me to draw loads of bold man with hair/feathers growing out of their heads.
When I started sculpting in the beginning of the zero’s, I had a problem with sculpting the hair, so I decided to use real hair enabling me to drill a real hole in the head. ;o}
Using real horsehair has got everything to do with power, like we use ‘horse power’ in our earthly life. In case of the Tribesmen it’s the symbol of the powerful connection between men and Spirit ….. the Source, God ….. or whatever you may call it.
Being connected with one of these Tribesmen, tells you all about yourself and your connection with the unseen world. I therefore have no share in this process, or can tell you what the purpose is of these Tribesman ……

It’s up to you to decide ……


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