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Special PHOSPHOSIDERITE Manus Dragon with few yellow CACOXENITE Veins......

4.2 cm wide

7.2 cm long

3.9 cm tall

Weighs 95 gram

€ 247,-

Phosphosiderite is a rare mineral named for its main components, phosphate and iron. The siderite at the end of phosphosiderite comes from "sideros", the Greek word for iron.

Phosphosiderite brings peace and gives hope. Protects against negative emotions such as anger, tension and stress. Shields you from negative outside influences. Takes tension out of your heart and helps heal your past. Provides insight into old patterns and helps to solve them. Helps you break old negative ties. Brings healing through insight. Fine stone if you are afraid of changes.
Stimulates you to do something again.
It is also a perfect stone to get in touch with Guides and Angels and helps develop psychic abilities. At the crown chakra, it opens the higher chakras, making it easier for you to receive messages from the higher worlds.
Phosphosiderite is associated with the Violet Flame of transformation.

Makes sensitive children calmer and softer. It makes you 'feel safe'. Ideal stone for children who have difficulty with society and therefore react crossly to everything around them.

The yellow veins in Phosphosiderite are Cacoxenite, the mineral which you will find in Super Seven as well.
Cacoxenite is a stone that makes something that’s already good even better! It’s known as the Stone of Ascension, and it will help raise your spiritual awareness of the human race. Cacoxenite’s energies carry information both within the cellular structures, and they can be used to enhance the renewal of cells and give balance to hormonal responses.

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