Manus Art


Regular price €371.00

Very rare Morganite Manus Dragon

2 cm wide
7,5 cm long
3,3 cm tall

Weighs 62 grams
€ 377,- (Worldwide tracked and insured shipping included)

Morganite helps you be yourself, accept yourself and face reality. Arrogance, ambition, fanaticism, blinders, flight behavior, defense mechanisms and a victim attitude are reduced. Because the stone works strongly on the heart chakra, morganite helps you go back to your feeling and gives you respect for yourself, your environment and for everything that is part of this world. It helps you to be positive in life and to enjoy yourself. It promotes love giving and attracts love. It helps you to immediately let go of everything in peace and acceptance. This is done under the guidance of the light of the many Angels associated with this crystal. Beryl promotes spiritual development. It reduces stress, anxiety, tension and performance pressure.

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