Manus Art


Regular price €212.00

4,6 cm wide

14 cm long

7,1 cm tall

Weights  394 gram       

€ 212,00

The LARVIKITE protects us against any other tiny influence that in any way can harm us, even when its produced far away from our physical body. Connect with this Dragon (stone) and it will even protect you against harmful gossip!

Larvikite stimulates paranormal abilities. The stone helps you to see 'the truth' behind reality. This stone breaks through curses and repels negative energy. In ancient times, large boulders from Larvikite were placed in the north of England to keep out invaders. The stone is still used today for this purpose, it removes attachments and entities from the biomagnetic mantle of your body. The stone supports emotional healing because it helps you to find the cause of an illness. This special stone helps you to get the best out of yourself, to stand in your full power and to live your full potential. Carry the stone in your pocket to learn to see the desires of yourself and of others. Larvikite helps you during learning processes or when you work with magic. Larvikite vitalizes the physical body, you feel youthful again. Also very helpful with regression therapy to past lives.

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