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Large VISOKALCITE (the 7 Minerals stone from the Pyramids of Bosnia-Herzegovina) Skull ..... NEW!

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8.2 cm wide

10.7 cm long

8.3 cm tall

1065 gram

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VISOKALCITE ..... the new name of this magical stone, given by its Dutch importer of the stone. Named after the area where this stone is found in Bosnia VISOKO .....

Its a calcite, containing 7 minerals and is only mined at the grounds of the valley of the newly found Bosnian Pyramids. Only little is known about this place, but one thing is for sure .... they turn out to be the largest pyramids found anywhere in the world and thousands of years old.

I find this stone wonderful to work with .... and as far as I can tell this stone works like a stem cell and is capable of connecting your source and reset you, so that the healing proces can begin......


Information given through the internet:

The mineral kingdom has given us something new. These new crystals for our well-being, of course in gratitude! There are already souls, including myself and many others, who have now been measured at a considerably higher Bovis value than the average, with peaks of over 30,000 Bovis! In other words: soon there will be souls in a human body that can demonstrably prove that health is a birthright that will win over the pharmaceutical industry. What do these special crystals do?

Clear Crystal is the most neutral and therefore the most versatile crystal that we know. It is a panacea, works on all ailments and disorders. In general, rock crystal enhances the self-healing capacity of our body.
Clear Crystal consists of pure silica. The cells of all our tissues contain that dust, especially skin, hair, bones, nails and teeth. That is why rock crystal has a healing effect on all complaints that have to do with skin, hair, bones, teeth and nails.
What rock crystal mainly does is purify, clean and strengthen the aura.

Green calcite: part of the heart chakra. Clears the body of bacterial infections. Provides coolness in fever and inflammation, soothes and strengthens the adrenal glands, stimulates detoxification and helps with stomach, liver and bile complaints. Protects against arthritis and osteoarthritis, breast cancer, facial paralysis. Against heart disease and lung disease. Stimulates the thymus. Strengthens the immune system.

Mangano calcite (opaque light pink): Strengthens the heart, normalizes the heart rhythm. Good for blood circulation, connective tissues, blood vessels and skin.

Orange calcite stimulates digestion and metabolism, strengthens intestines and connective tissue. Promotes the absorption of nutrients from the meal.

White calcite hears crown chakra. Stimulates growth in children, stimulates digestion, strengthens mucous membranes, skin, intestines, connective tissues, bones and teeth.

Citrine is part of the solar plexus chakra and has a pronounced effect on digestion. It stimulates the gallbladder, helps the liver to detoxify the blood and strengthens the pancreas. Citrine strengthens the immune system, the bladder, the kidneys, and the intestines.

Zoisite (violet zoisite) heals to the DNA level and has a detoxifying effect. It has the capacity to reprogram our DNA to original blueprint of creation.
The blue zoisite was first sold as "zoisite", but in the English-speaking market it turned out to be an unfortunate name, due to the resemblance to the English word suicide, suicide. For this reason you will not often come across this type of stone on the crystal market and descriptions.

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