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Lakelandite Skull

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Lakelandite Manus Skull.

4 cm wide

7,6 cm long

5,7 cm tall

Weights  182 gram       

Yet another British stone well connected to ones everlasting wisdom of ancestors. Just like the Preseli Bluestone it can easily open the gate to your ancestry timeline.
It has been created hundreds of millions of years ago in the Lake district area in Great Britain.
The combination of these stones make it a great stone for transformation. It stabilizes you, re-balance, encourages and protects you. It’s the best stone to keep in your worst period in life (but it’s great to have in your Best period in life as well! ;o). It will make a strong connection between your mental and physical body, optimally grounded.
It centres you through the Bytownite, strongly working your Plexis Solaris, strengthening your personality in the here and now, encouraged from the past, heading to the future.
It is a patient and loyal friend, helping you through the whole process in the toughest period of your life. Showing you and helping you to understand why all things in life go the way they go.
More about Lakelandite, read Judy Hall :

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