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Seven weeks ago I moved from my place I lived for 25 years. The place I started carving 10 years ago, the place where over 4500 carvings came to life ….. (give or take 3 or 4 I carved somewhere else) ……


I moved to the other side of this country, to a place with more space, greenery, peace and inspiration. And most and for all …. a much bigger studio! ☺

After a long and exhausting relocation process, which by the way, I am far from finished (!) I started carving again this month …..

I chose to start with a piece of stunning Elestial Amethyst … a beautiful stone that embodies new possibilities, the coming together of talents who are in deeper contact with the spiritual world ..... all arrows aimed at the future !!


Some major change occurred as well ….. when signing the Skull …. I automatically wrote down the I of IM in capital letter instead of a small letter i (with dot) ……

Decided to keep it this way. To me a start of a new era ….


9,3 cm wide

20,5 cm long

14,3 cm tall


Weighs  2503 gram

€ 1.561,00

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