Who M I? I M Ivo Manus

Dear visitor,


Thank you for your visit and interest in my Skulls, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Laurens Ivo Manus but most people call me Ivo Manus.

I was born in Bogor Indonesia back in 1963 as a child of an Indonesian father and a Dutch mother.

My early years I raised in Belgium, but for the major part of my life I have been living in the Netherlands.

During my life I have worked several jobs. Started off as a high school teacher for 7 years. I continued working as an antique-dealer in American memorabilia (pinball machines and jukeboxes) and later on German antiques and French brocante. This era lasted about 7 years as well.

In 2002 I felt the time was right to have dealt my spiritual aspirations. I started a spiritual centre that changed over the years into a training centre for mediumship and intuition. I taught and gave private sittings as a spiritual medium and trance medium.


I carved my first Skull in October 2010, purely by accident. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to work as a professional Skull-carver fulltime in the magical year 2012.

Through the years I created my own carving method. Just by trying and doing.

I've always believed in a higher intelligence that can provide you (if you really want) with the necessary information. Whether this is about technical information or deep-seated questions of life, for me this is ‘the truth’ rather than coming from a so-called external expert.

This principle I use while carving ...... no one is able to judge the capacity and intention of a Skull better than you as a caretaker. It is about your relationship with the Skull ...... this interaction is unique, this is you....


Everything is. We all have to walk our path. Your Skull accompanies you on that path. A Skull can only have a meaning for you if you acknowledge it. Embrace the Skull and in that you embrace yourself in who You are.


Each and every Skull I create is unique, never a copy. I carve my Skulls from rough to finish and I am the only one who touches the stone. As of 2017 I will sign all my work with my initials “I M”.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy shopping here at Manus-Skulls.com


Warm regards,


Ivo Manus