Manus Art


Regular price €777.00
7,7 cm (3") wide
18,5 cm (7.3") long
10 cm (3.94") tall

Weights 1863 gram (4.1 Lb)

€ 777,00

This Great detailed handcarved Preseli Bluestone Manus Dragon comes with a LABYRINTH on its head.
The labyrinth is an ancient, universal symbol for the search for our sacred core and our inner source, for what really drives us and which we attribute deeply to. It is a symbol of the way of life: the road to individuation and a "circling of the self". Unlike a maze, where you have to make choices between different paths, a labyrinth has a single path that leads the runner along a number of turns to the center and back out again. In a maze you lose your way, in a labyrinth you find your way.

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