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Huge XXL PRESELI BLUESTONE Manus Skull Spirals , detailed, heavy, hand carved Stonehenge stone Merlin Stone .

14,7 cm (5.78") wide
23 cm (9") long
18 cm (7") tall

Weights 9,8 kilo (21.6 Lb)

Uniquely carved Preseli Bluestone Skull with on both sides of its head a spiral. All handcarved by artist Ivo Manus .....
Walk the Spiral for real with the top of your finger and let that magic of the Preseli Bluestone Skull guide you with the rest ..... let it be you personal oracle of the ancestors...

The Spiral is a universal symbol for the way into yourself, moving up to the core, as the same way out …. the way of expression. It symbolizes the process of life, the circle of life. To get in contact with yourself and release, live life in a flow …. A symbol of growth, to be reborn …. A deeper link with ancient druids. Combined with the Preseli Bluestone you get yourself a deeper connected artefact with all deeper natural laws of life.

This Skull is hand carved by Dutch Spiritual Medium and Artist Ivo Manus from
He himself does the whole carving proces from rough to polished finish ..... he will be the only one who touched this Skull, before you receive it in your hands.
In direct contact with the immense range of energies that creates and influence mankind ... translated into the earthly form of stones ......
From all the hundreds perhaps thousands of Crystal Skulls he carved so far, none is exactly the same as another ...... all single one of them carry a very unique and personal energy ...

In this case carved out out of Preseli Bluestone, the Magic stone sometimes referred as the Merlin Stone, which was used in the inner circle of STONEHENGE Amesbury England, found on the Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

I do enjoy carving this special Stone very much .....
it will ground you first no matter what, but will bring you both back to the past and far into the future ..... or are you more into Galactic travels? ...... no problem, it will take you there.

This Strong guy needs a strong personality with progressive ideas!

Manifest your ideas, Manifest your dreams,
Manifest Yourself ....

Is it calling you?

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