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8.5 cm wide x 14.7 cm long  x 11.3 cm tall

Weights  2228 gram

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Beautiful Moroccan Selenite or Satin Spar Skull. Selenite is a very spiritual stone and works protective, relaxing and insightful. ... It is a good stone to carry with you when you are spiritually engaged. It promotes contact with angels and guides and facilitates meditation, telepathy and mediumistic gifts.

When the white Selenite comes into contact with iron, it will turn orange / red / peach.

Having some of this self cleaning stone inside your house, it will clean the room from negative energies and up-lift it. Put this White Selenite Skull in your bedroom, beside your bed, under your pillow or underneath your bed, you will get a good sleep with stunning dreams! ☺

Children Love this stone! .... but will be awesome for adults as well! :o}

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