Manus Art


Regular price €246.00

5,7 cm wide

13 cm long

6,9 cm tall

Weights  509 gram       

€ 246,00

The LABRADORITE Dragon protects us from any harm from the outside. By balancing our Aura and keeps it clean. The Dragon reduces fear and gives strength, (self) confidence and perseverance. It reinforces our intuition and mediumistic gifts.

Labradorite is protective and increases mental strength. It cleanses and strengthens the aura and protects you against, among other things, negative energy, negative people, people who suck energy, entities and stimulation. It is therefore also a very suitable stone for highly sensitive or highly sensitive people. It reduces stress and anxiety and helps you empower yourself. The stone helps you make a connection with your intuition, guides, higher energies, spiritual sources of knowledge, other dimensions, past lives and also helps you return safely to the here and now. It is therefore a good stone to wear in meditation, mediumship, light work, shamanic journeys, dream work and other spiritual activities. Labradorite works physically as pain relieving and lowering blood pressure.

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