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Regular price €398.00

BLUE ARAGONITE Manus Dragon ....

5.5 cm wide
9.8 cm long
7.1 cm tall

Weighs 373 gram

€ 398,00 (Shipping = included, wherever you are in the world!)

Aragonite comes in many colors: white, yellow, gold, brown, brown-green, gray-white, pink, light violet, blue, green, orange, red. The blue color comes from the copper it contains, the stone has a strong yet soft feminine feeling. The stone carries the higher energy of the element water and thus helps you in your emotional, spiritual growth. Blue aragonite can help you reach a deeper state of meditation. It helps you experience calmness and focus.
Aragonite allows our creativity to flow, the presence of blue aragonite will inspire and stimulate you

It also helps you to live more from your feelings and to go with the flow of life without resistance, without resistance from the ego or thinking, it purifies you of old patterns and opens you to the higher consciousness, in addition it brings tenderness and softness on various levels. A special and gentle crystal that stimulates you to live more from your heart and intuition, so a real new age stone.

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