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Large LIZARDITE ~ Norwegian Serpentine SKULL ....

Regular price €489.00

Large LIZARDITE ~ Norwegian Serpentine Manus SKULL ....

8.7 cm wide
13.5 long
10.9 cm tall

Weights 1892 gram

€ 489,00 (=with FREE worldwide insured and tracked shipping!)

Lizardite cleans the chakras and opens them. On the crown chakra it helps to open paranormal abilities and helps you to understand the spiritual basis of life. On a psychological level, he helps you to get a better grip on your life. He brings you back spiritually and emotionally and sends healing energies to problem areas. Also very powerful for the heart chakra. Lizardite is one of the most powerful stones to raise the kundalini energy. When your kundalini has awakened, you can have intense spiritual experiences. If it rises, it activates all the chakras that it passes. This stone clarifies blockades at meridian points and ensures better flow and good health. Very nice to use together with the Norwegian Thuliet. These stones have complementary colors and reinforce each other. Very powerful combination for healing and recovery.

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