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7 Minerals Calcite from the Pyramides of Bosnia-Herzegovina Traveller Skull

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4 cm x 14.2 cm x 5.7 cm

457 gram

€ 127,-

This is a very special and newly found stone, which even does not have a name yet!

Its a calcite, containing 7 minerals and is only mined at the grounds of the valley of the newly found Bosnian Pyramids. Only little is known about this place, but one thing is for sure .... they turn out to be the largest pyramids found anywhere in the world and thousands of years old.


I find this stone wonderful to work with .... and as far as I can tell this stone works like a stem cell and is capable of connecting your source and reset you, so that the healing proces can begin......

An interesting stone to explore! ..... more information will follow!

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