And the winner of the Skullstory contest is ......

custom carved skull E-book about Manus Skulls available soon!

So what about the first price of a custom carved Skull for the winner of the Skullstories for my eBook? We all know about the raffle of the existing three Skulls right after the deadline, which are given on earlier posts on Facebook.

For choosing a winner I had no clue …… how could I make a choice? What would be my criteria?

But Universe helped me on this one, for it was just a few days before the deadline that my wife asked me during lunch, how many stories I had received so far. So I mentioned the names of the participants …..and all of a sudden when I mentioned one name in particular I started crying out loud …. I just could not help myself. I did not understand what happened, for I did not sense any kind of emotion at all …. I just had to cry passionate and long …. for no reason at all. That took at least 5 minutes …… but no other than a wet towel and red eyes, soon everything went down to normal. Only one thing I knew for sure …. I just found my winner of the writing contest.

Soon I made a call and received one e-mail with some points of interest of the winner ….. my work could start. In the process of creating  a custom carved Skull I receive a name, a date of birth and some personal wishes / points of interest…… and than …..  I wait. Waiting for the right moment to start. Most of the time it can take up to three month before a clear sign gets to me to start carving. But in this case it took much longer ….. almost 5 month! ….. Without me being aware of it one day I started off and worked day and night ….. it was on Monday July 17th …… 17-07-‘17.

Most funny part of it …. It wasn’t even a Skull …… but it turned into a so called ‘Tribe-member’ which I happen to create as well ….. Tribal chiefs with a ponytail from a real horse.

It had loads of hidden messages for its new caretaker, but that for sure is personal and will not share in this public blog.

What I can show you are some pics of this Tribal / Skull Chief. Its carved out of Preseli Bluestone, weights over 3.5 kilo and has a  hollow tube from top to bottom (for creating vortexes) .


Sure hope the winner will treasure it for a very long time! :o)



Ivo Manus


(I will be gathering new Skull stories somewhere next year, to create a new book a volume II.            For one of the participants I will create a custom carved Skull too …… will it be you??)



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